Privacy Policy - SQEEPER

SQEEPER Limited Company ("Company") is the developer and owner of SQEEPER, which is considered one of the services provided by the Company ("Service") When you register for an account with the Company through SQEEPER, you will be deemed a user of the Company's services ("User"), and in providing services to you, the Company is required to process personal data of the User. Therefore, the Company has the intention to announce this Personal Data Protection Policy to inform about rights and responsibilities, as well as various conditions related to the collection, gathering, usage, and disclosure of personal data that the Company will carry out for Users as service recipients.

This Privacy Policy applies only to the Company's service and does not apply to other applications, services, or websites, including those externally connected, over which the Company has no control and for which Users must agree to and study their respective privacy policies regarding the use of those applications, services, or websites separately.

If a User does not agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy or any other amended version, the Company reserves the right to prohibit or deny the User from using theCompany's services, as the processing of personal data under this Policy is directly necessary for the Company to fulfill its service obligations to the User. Furthermore, the continued use of the Company's services by a User will be deemed as continuous acceptance of this Policy.

The Company may periodically update this Policy to align with best practices, relevant regulations, and laws, and to ensure alignment with the Company's various services. The Company will inform Users of any changes by announcing a new revised policy, and such policy will be deemed effective upon its announcement.

  1. Nature of Personal Data Processed by the Company in Providing its Services

    In the process of providing services, the Company collects, compiles, and processes personal data from Users engaging with the service system, as described below:

    1. Directly Identifiable Information, such as name, age, nationality, and date of birth.
    2. Contact Information, including address, contact details, phone number, and email.
    3. Payment Information, such as payment details.
    4. Service Usage Information, including username, password, transaction history, and various preferences of the User.
    5. Technical Data for Identity Verification, such as IP address, usage data, settings, and browser connections from devices that Users use to access the Company's services.
  2. Purposes of Data Processing

    1. The Company collects, compiles, and uses personal data of Users for the necessary provision of services, as specified for each service condition of the Company. This includes verifying identity and tracking various transactions by Users, confirming payment conditions and service charges, and facilitating communication with Users.
    2. The Company collects and uses personal data of Users to analyze User interests, enabling the Company to offer benefits or services aligned with User interests. It may also aim to enhance relationships between the Company and Users.
    3. The Company collects and uses personal data of Users to provide other support services, such as post-service inquiries, feedback collection, or handling various requests.
    4. The Company is required to collect personal data of Users to comply with laws and regulations set by the state. For example, tax documentation or other mandated legal actions.

    The Company will collect and compile personal data of Users throughout the duration of their service use. The Company reserves the right to retain this data for an additional period of 3 years after Users cancel their service, in order to protect and uphold the rights of the Company, unless specific laws require the Company to retain personal data for a longer period.

  3. Disclosure of Personal Data

    For the purpose of service provision under the specified terms, the Company may be required to disclose personal data of Users under the following circumstances:

    The Company may need to disclose personal data of Users to event organizers who Users have purchased tickets from. This disclosure serves the purpose of identity verification, qualification confirmation, or rights to attend events, and/or to facilitate communication, coordination, and document delivery to Users, as requested by Users.

    The Company may need to disclose personal data to external service providers engaged by the Company to assist in supporting Company services. This includes consultants, contractors, transport providers, as well as external service providers like Google Analytics who assess Company services. The Company will disclose data only as necessary.

    The Company may disclose data by storing personal data in computer systems that utilize external services, such as Amazon AWS or Google Cloud Platform.

    The Company may disclose data as necessary to protect and uphold its rights or prevent and investigate activities related to the use of Company services by Users in various contexts. The Company will undertake such actions as deemed necessary.

    In cases where the Company is required by law or under legal orders, or directives from governmental authorities, the Company may be obligated to disclose data to these entities, in order to fulfill legal obligations.

  4. Cookies Used by the Company in Providing Services

    Cookies are text files that reside on the computer of Users and are used to store details of log data for internet usage or behavioral patterns of Users, to ensure the efficiency of the Company's service provision to Users. The Company needs to use various types of cookies for different purposes, as described below:

    1. Functionality Cookies: Used to remember choices or settings made by Users on the platform, such as account names, languages, fonts, and platform formats, to present personalized information that aligns with Users' selected preferences.
    2. Advertising Cookies: Used to remember previously visited content and how Users interacted with the services. This is used to present products or services related to Users' interests and evaluate the effectiveness of different system functions.
    3. Strictly Necessary Cookies are crucial for the operation of the Company's service. They are essential to ensure that Users can use the service comprehensively and securely.

    While the use of cookies enhances the efficiency of the Company's service and operations, Users have the option to delete cookie settings from their own browsers. However, Users should be aware that such actions may affect the overall performance of the Company's service provision, depending on the intended purposes of the specified cookies.

  5. Assurance of Implementing Adequate Security Measures for Data Confidentiality

    The company assures the implementation of appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access, use, alteration, modification, or disclosure of personal data without authority or consent. Additionally, the company has established internal practices to define the rights to access or use personal data of data subjects in order to maintain the confidentiality and security of data. The company will regularly review these measures for their suitability in accordance with relevant laws.

  6. Rights of Data Subjects

    The company acknowledges and respects the rights of users in accordance with applicable laws regarding their personal data. These rights include:

    1. The right to access and request a copy of personal data, including the right to request corrections to ensure accuracy and currency.
    2. The right to object to the processing of personal data.
    3. The right to request erasure or anonymization of personal data when it is no longer necessary or when the data subject withdraws consent. Users can contact the company directly to request data deletion, subject to account ownership verification.
    4. The right to request suspension of personal data processing when data deletion is required or when the data becomes unnecessary.
    5. The right to withdraw consent for processing previously provided personal data.

Users can exercise the aforementioned rights by contacting the company through the provided contact details. No fees will be charged for exercising these rights. The company will consider and notify users of the results of their requests within 30 days from the date of receiving the request.

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